Introducing Omni-Channel Analytics.

Improve Customer Experience and Ensure Compliance Across All Feedback Channels.

Omni-Channel Analytics

Reduce operating costs, increase revenues and ensure compliance by analyzing your call center, social media, email, chat and CRM in one central view.
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Social Media Listening

Achieve business outcomes through better targeting, marketing messaging, and competitive intelligence. We provide managed dashboards, insight analysis and ongoing tracking to brands across all vertical markets.
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Risk Sensing and Monitoring

Manage corporate reputational risk using human insights and real-time technology to identify, analyze and monitor emerging risks from online sources.
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ListenLogic Health

Better understand patient, caregiver and HCP mindset of diseases and medications through online sociolinguistic analysis. We provide qualitative analysis and insights to shape brand strategies for launch, competitive positioning and improving adherence.
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Anexinet Omni-Channel Analytics

Help your company better understand your customer by consolidating interaction channels such as contact center voice data, social media, chat, text, email, CRM and sales data. If buyer loyalty is important to your business, let us help you improve your customer experience and raise your NPS (Net Promoter Score) by 15-20%.

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