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In the age of social media, early detection can save your brand. Corporate activism, competition, advocates and adversaries have always represented risks to large enterprises. Know about the issue before the world knows – when you can still do something about it.


Risk Sensing Solutions

Our risk sensing solutions are some of the most advanced in the world, combining real-time data technology and expert analysts to detect emerging reputation threats for corporate awareness and response. We provide managed risk sensing dashboards, alerts, and special issue tracking that monitor external data (such as social media, news and journals) and internal data (such as call center, surveys, and customer data) to detect potential problems before they explode.
Define Your Risks


Crisis Analysis

Our crisis analysis solutions are uniquely configured to deliver unprecedented early awareness and impact assessment to Corporate Communications, Consumer Affairs, Risk, Brand and Executive teams. We protect corporate and brand reputations with the tracking of known, emerging and anticipated risks, the detection of unforeseen threats, and the investigation of issues impacting the organization.
Big Data Solutions

litigation support

Litigation Support

Our Litigation Support practice conducts online consumer conversation analysis related to consumer perceptions, behaviors and experiences in trademark, deceptive advertising, patent damages, class action, and many other types of litigation. We work with many of the nation’s top law firms as litigation support in their largest, most complex cases.

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