Use social media for more.

Insight is all around, you just have to know where to find it. Deliver real-time market and operational intelligence derived from all forms of unstructured data including, social media, open-end surveys, call centers and internal documents.


Social Media Listening

Use our ListenLogic analytics platform to achieve business outcomes through better targeting, marketing messaging, and competitive intelligence. We provide managed dashboards, insight analysis and ongoing tracking to brands across all vertical markets. Our listening platform can also integrate social media with call center, chat, and email records to gain a 360-degree view of the customer.

Analytic Platforms

Multi-Channel Analytics

Enterprises are tearing down data silos to unlock growth, profitability and performance with multi-channel analytics. From contact center data, social, sales, ad spend and CRM, you can integrate this data in dashboard visualizations to make business decisions and discover insights that drive results.

Influencer Analysis

Discover and engage the top online influencers who are driving your market. Use these influencers to build brand awareness during launch, drive brand loyalty and proactively advocate your brand throughout the product lifecycle.

Integrate your unstructured and structured data to predict business outcomes, improve business performance, and detect reputational and operational risks.

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