Buffer Overflow: Your Grandma Can’t Do Private VLANs

Show Notes

Buffer Overflow: Your Grandma Can't Do Private VLANs

Episode 13: 5/8/2017

Norwegian Boats, Windows 10 S, Trojan on macOS, Intel AMT Owned, and new Lighting Round!



Ned Bellavance, Enterprise Architect for Infrastructure Solutions




Chris Hayner, Architect for Infrastructure Solutions



Main Stories


Norwegian Self Driving Boats

  1. Microsoft Phone Business
  2. Update ESXi 6.x for VM Escape!
  3. Oracle MySQL
  4. Ubuntu LTS 12.04 reaches EOL
  5. RPCBind crash issue
  6. Facebook is running TV like Content
  7. NASA improve Windflow contest
  8. VMware on AWS Podcast
  9. Native OpenShift Support on AWS
  10. Nutanix is shifting to Software only

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Intro: Jason Shaw - Tech Talk

Outro: Jason Shaw – Feels Good 2 B