Decision Simulation

Decision Simulation looks to Anexinet to "tie IT all together."

When you take over a system developed by another organization, it is imperative to get it operational very quickly and accurately – especially when that system is at the core of your business.

That’s the position Decision Simulation, a leading provider of cloud-based simulation platforms located in Chadds Ford, PA, found itself in when they licensed a software system developed at the University of Pittsburgh Medical School. The system provides training in clinical decision making to healthcare professionals, which is the core of Decision Simulation’s business. Because of needs and request of clients, Decision Simulation needed to:

The task was:

  • Quickly figure out how to scale the software to accommodate the large increase in users and complexity.
  • Expertise with software development, data management and reporting.
  • A new hosting service.

Decision Simulation considered hiring a staff to provide the needed expertise internally. But they quickly scrapped the idea because of the size of the staff that would be required to provide the necessary level of expertise. At a minimum, Decision Simulation would need an expert on mobility for system expansion, another on application development, another for business intelligence, as well as infrastructure and hosting capabilities. By the time they added it all up, the cost was prohibitive.

“That’s where Anexinet became such a good fit for us. The breadth of Anexinet’s technology capabilities really impressed me” says Bob Yayac, Co-Founder and Managing Director, “In one organization we found the full suite we were looking for – software development skills, help with our data and reporting, and systems maintenance. I really appreciate their flexible business model which allows us to buy expertise as needed as we scale our business. I’m getting people with much better expertise than I could hire on my own. It has proven to be a very effective model for us.”