The Music Project

The Music Project Stays In-Tune with Anexinet

The Music Project was created to level the playing field in the music industry. The Music Project offers musicians an alternative with contracts that are only for the music, on a song-by-song basis, not tapping into touring revenues or from merchandise sales. To implement this model, the Music Project needed:

The task was:

  • An internet destination whereby musicians could promote their music and make it easily available to their fans and to music professionals.
  • To develop a superior solution that seamlessly connected the front-end/user interface to a complex and robust back-end storage and playback system.
  • Flexible hosting services tailored to meet our evolving environment.

As for ongoing support, Bill Hein, Music Project CTO says, “I call Anexinet any time of the day or night. We had an issue early on, shortly after launch. With a quick phone call I immediately had three staff members from Anexinet working on the job. Everything was corrected within fifteen minutes. Their responsiveness is quite impressive.

“On a personal level, it has been great to see Anexinet’s excitement and enthusiasm about our project. This provides us with a reassuring feeling that we are getting the care we need.”