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The Internet of Things has opened up a world of possibilities for you to use data to reinvent aspects of business. Let’s interact on a whole new level.



Connect your world with the intelligence devices, such as digital displays & kiosks, wearables, and appliances that capture and react in real-time. Track customer behavior dynamically to influence action.

Digital Displays & Kiosks
Wearables & Consumer Products

Sensors & Beacons

Embedded connectivity for real-time insight on your industrial machines, vehicles or anything with logs, geo or activity data. Beacon technology is a tiny computer equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), that broadcasts radio signals to exact responses from apps on in-range smart devices, such as notifications or other actions for unlimited possibilities.

Industrial Machines
Consumer Products
Component Sensors & Beacons

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IoT Integration

Integrate massive amounts of your IoT data to cloud/big data platforms and storage to glean insight and tailor advertising, generate mobile notifications, and use with operational systems.

Data Ingestion & Big Data Storage
Mobile App Integration
Cloud or On-Premises

Real-time Access

Data Integration

IoT Analytics

Utilize big data platforms and machine learning to analyze the vast amount of data collected from a myriad of “things”. Adapt your tactics and business strategy to a constantly changing world.

Performance & Risk Monitoring
User Personalization
Tailored Marketing



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