Infrastructure upgrade to handle explosive growth

    iPipeline, Inc., took the traditional, paper-based life insurance industry and digitized its transactions to deliver results online in real time. iPipeline’s tagline “Market, Sell and Process Insurance…Faster” means that agents should spend less time processing and more time selling.

    As a result, iPipeline’s business is booming. According to Brian Seidman, iPipeline’s Executive Vice-President of Research and Development, “Ten years ago we were a 20 person company. Today we have grown to well over 400 employees and have acquired a large number of customers. Transaction volumes have been growing exponentially over this entire 10-year period.”

    The task was:

    • Design a scalable data center infrastructure to support rapid growth.
    • Move an IT environment to a new data center using converged infrastructure including HP Blade server and storage technology, Cisco Nexus technologies, EMC backup and recovery solutions, and virtualization.
    • Migrate to the new architecture and data center(s) without impacting clients.

    Due to this rapid growth, iPipeline knew that system availability, storage, backup, and disaster recovery needed to be improved in order to handle their growth forecast. They partnered with Anexinet to scale their infrastructure knowing that Anexinet could deliver all the expertise needed.

    Brian Seidman says, “When we looked around and compared Anexinet to other organizations, we found they had a much deeper and broader expertise in terms of all the different technology solutions and concepts we were trying to deploy.”
    Reflecting on the project, Brian said, “I wasn’t expecting the migration to go as smoothly as it did. Our customers didn’t even notice what was happening, which is what you strive for.”

    Brian sums up: “The characteristic that we appreciate most about Anexinet is the fact that they have ‘done it before.’ They are experts in their field. All the work that they do for us is always high quality, well planned and goes off without a hitch. Anexinet brings the right people to the table, as needed, and when they are needed.