Buffer Overflow

Life for Ned Eschaton Bellavance has never been what one would describe as ‘easy.’ Born a younger son in the far western Scottish kingdom of Dál Riata, Ned knew he would have to carve out his own path in life. Always an impetuous youth, Ned quickly developed interest (and quite a bit of skill) with the bow, the blade, and the Microsoft Windows operating system. He ran into trouble towards the time of his traditional betrothal, defying age-old tradition and leading to chaos in the kingdom. He resolved the now-famous crisis with grace, elan, and only a small amount of bribery. Unfortunately, the terms of the peace required that he leave Scotland forever, lest he inadvertently shatter the fragile peace.

Chris Hayner is a two-time gold medal champion of hog racing. Growing up in rural Albania, Chris developed a penchant for two things: Linux and riding pigs. Following his passion to the states, Chris joined the amateur hog riding league of extraordinary gentlemen (AHRLEG) in 2007, and rode his pride sow, Grimblesnitz, to gold in 2008. Sadly, in 2012, Grimblesnitz met with an untimely death in a freak rickshaw accident amongst the rolling hills of San Francisco. Being in the Bay Area, Chris turned to his second passion of Linux and virtualization technologies, eventually landing an Architect role here at Anexinet.

Grimblesnitz forever in our hearts, briefly in our stomachs.

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    Buffer Overflow 42: So Long and Thanks for All the CES
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    Buffer Overflow 41: Melter and Specdown
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    Buffer Overflow 40: Top Trends and Predictions for 2018
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    Buffer Overflow 39: Top Trends 2017 Revisited
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    Buffer Overflow 38: This is not my Beautiful Death Machine
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    Buffer Overflow 37: In Soviet Russia, VM Stuns You
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    Buffer Overflow 36: A Blursing (Ewww)
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    Buffer Overflow 35: As it was, Ever shall it be
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    Buffer Overflow 34: Leave it alone Derrick
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    Buffer Overflow 33: I Ordered that Lobster for YOU Miranda

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