Omni-Channel Analytics

Our ListenLogic Omni-channel analytics solution analyzes data from every touchpoint and provides a customer 360 view to improve business performance and enhance customer experience. The platform uses NLP, AI and machine learning to reduce customer churn, deliver cost efficiencies and ensure product compliance.

ListenLogic Omni-channel platform can reduce customer churn and operating costs 10%+, improve customer experience and NPS 15-20%, and provide a 4-5X return on investment.

Contact Center Analytics

Tap into your customer interactions with your contact center, including calls, emails, and chat, and gain a real-time customer 360-degree view. Transcribe 100% of your call recordings into text 10 times faster and with higher accuracy. Explore what customers are saying and how they feel by integrating feedback data with CRM and ERP data to a unique customer ID to reduce customer churn, increase cross-sell/up-sell revenue and improve agent performance.

Customer Churn and Sales Analytics

Identify your customer’s propensity to churn and increase your cross-sell and up-sell revenue by analyzing data at each touchpoint along the customer journey. ListenLogic uses machine learning (ML) with your omni-channel data to identify unhappy customers likely to churn and which product offers are likely to be purchased to generate incremental revenue.

Risk and Compliance Monitoring

Identify reputational risk and monitor for product and service quality issues in real-time across your omni-channel data. We provide brand risk sensing and product quality dashboards and analysis on internal and external data that detects both known and unknown issues so you can gain early awareness and mitigate risk.

Omni-Channel Analytics Demo

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