Anexinet View

IT Support and Contract Management Solution provides Anexinet’s customers with a better way of managing support coverage for their IT assets.

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Keep track of hundreds of support contracts with various manufacturers, each with different service levels and expirations. The Anexinet View platform provides you with more than just a comprehensive information portal. It is backed by skilled support contract professionals with top certifications and decades of experience.

Centralized Management

With the Anexinet View centralized management system, customers are assured of ongoing tracking for active contracts, with standardized procedures, and a common easy-to-read presentation format. This maximizes the productivity of company resources.

Improved Visibility

Anexinet View allows users to track and manage their maintenance contracts and service requests via a single pane of glass. They can also create custom data fields to track information unique to their specific data centers. Further reduction in costs is generated through improved asset management, regulatory compliance and enhanced budget controls.

Business Alignment

In a recent survey, almost 80% of organizations said it is very difficult to be certain that all elements of their IT infrastructure are properly aligned to best support their business. Anexinet View delivers a unique insight into the technologies in use and what level of support they require. Organizations can leverage this insight to ensure they are delivering the proper level of IT support across their business.

A continuous struggle for many organizations is managing their support contracts effectively. A lack of a cohesive, comprehensive solution increases risk and limits the ability for management to make informed budgeting and investment decisions. Keeping track of hundreds of contracts with various manufacturers, each with different service levels and expirations, can be laborious and expensive. In one recent survey, over 75% of organizations confirmed they often pay for support on assets that are no longer in use!

Solving the unique level of complexity involved in managing IT assets and their associated support contracts requires specific contract management practices, processes and strategies. Many IT organizations do not have these dedicated skills, creating a management burden that can divert them from their key responsibilities.

Experience a Better Way to Manage Support Coverage of Your IT Assets

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