4 Keys to Achieving Enterprise Mobile Success

How’s your mobile strategy? Are your target users enjoying maximum value from your mobile solution? What’s your adoption rate? How’s the user feedback? These simple but important questions help ensure the continuous delivery of your great mobile experiences. For the last five years, Propelics has developed amazing mobile experiences for enterprises worldwide across all industry verticals. However, if not handled properly, even the best mobile solution can quickly become another mobile failure—with stalled user adoption and diminished perceived value. Here then are the 4 keys to Enterprise Mobile success:
1. Ownership
Mobility adoption cannot be looked at as just another application or IT initiative. As your business drivers evolve, so too should your business solutions. Companies that successfully leverage mobility to fulfill their business drivers owe their success to the fact that early on they designated an individual (e.g. Director of Mobility) and/or a group of individuals (e.g. MCOE) to lead their mobile initiatives and ensure they are aligned with company goals and objectives.
These individuals must be knowledgeable and fluent in the organization’s business drivers. Further, they must understand the goals and objectives of all lines of business. This is key to designing and delivering mobile solutions that streamline business processes, creating unprecedented value for the company.

2. Follow-Through

It is also critical to constantly evaluate, measure and refine your existing mobile solutions. Your mobility owner(s) should solicit/review user feedback and leverage analytics tools to determine how your apps are being used in the real world. Based on this information, the company can refine its mobile solutions in subsequent updates to best accommodate actual usage. Because many of the features or functions everyone thought were key to delivering value may not turn out to be so valuable after all. Which leads me to point #3.
3. Value
Continuous delivery of value for target users is key. To achieve this, mobility owners must fully understand the roles, responsibilities and personas of those target users. Gaining ‘Day in the Life’ clarity for each target user helps achieve this end. What are their specific business tasks? Exactly how do they perform them, where and when? Understanding each user’s workflow and identifying those areas that can be made more efficient and productive via mobile is invaluable to the success of the project.
Organizations that fail to deliver valuable mobile solutions are those that don’t truly understand their target users and the delivery of contextual information in the moment of need.
4. Usability
If your mobile solutions aren’t intuitive and easy to use, no one will use them. It’s as simple as that. Because even though mobile has been an integral part of our enterprise lives for over a decade, we still see companies struggle to deliver mobile solutions that achieve steady user adoption. Here’s why.
First, many organizations lack user experience design experience when it comes to delivering solutions on devices other than the desktop. One common mistake is thinking you can extend traditional desktop applications to mobile devices and form factors without redesigning the UI and workflow. Another issue we frequently encounter is the improper use of design elements and controls—apps that fail to speak the language of native. This includes the use of web elements (e.g. buttons, fields that require manual text entry) in mobile solutions where the form factor is smaller and harder to select or instances where information can be retrieved automatically by the device itself (e.g. name, date, time, location).
Keep in mind mobile users only find value in being able to access, view and use information and functionality that fulfills their need in that moment. It’s great to incorporate new technology in your mobile solutions (e.g. multitasking, biometrics, contextual information, proactive suggestions), so long as they don’t affect the overall usability. Tech for tech’s sake is no good. What users love most in an enterprise mobile app are features that make their lives simpler, faster and easier.
If your mobile solutions have become stagnant or your user adoption has dwindled, check out our Mobile UI/UX Design Kickstart, then give Propelics a call. Whether you need to refresh and give new life to an existing app (or suite of apps) or are looking to deliver your first mobile solution, our Mobile UI/UX Design Kickstart will help you deliver mobile solutions that make your employees lives easier and their jobs more fun, all while increasing productivity and company profit.

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