7 Ways to Improve Your Meeting

Ever wonder why some meetings feel like a complete waste of time, while others leave you with a true sense of accomplishment? To organize more productive meetings that energize your teammates, consider the following tips before pressing “send” on that meeting request:

1. Define the Objective.

What’s the end goal of the meeting? To generate ideas on a new solution offering? Gain an understanding of team roles and responsibilities for a project? Keep the boss informed and up to date? The answers will inform not only the agenda, but also the invite list, meeting duration, and location (in-person versus virtual). If you can’t define the objective, it’s a sure sign you’re not ready to schedule the meeting.

2. Keep it Small.

Only invite team members critical to achieving the meeting objective. The smaller the team, the better your chances of sticking to the agreed-to meeting duration and staying focused on the task at hand.

3. Keep it Short.

Limit the meeting’s duration to exactly how much time is required to meet the objective. A shorter meeting duration helps teams focus and minimizes the risk of attention fatigue.

4. Provide an Agenda.

Once the meeting’s purpose is defined, draft a meeting agenda and deliver it to all meeting participants well in advance. Providing a plan gives your team a chance to prepare for the meeting. And the better prepared they are, the more productive the meeting will be.

5. Beware of Meeting Scope Creep.

Once the meeting begins, you must keep the team focused on the objective. Conversations and questions that are off-topic should be saved for follow-up discussions outside of this meeting.

6. Assign Action Items.

Make sure to assign action items to specific team members and include a timeline for each. This ensures all teammates understand their assigned responsibilities and can be held accountable.

7. End on a Positive Note.

There is always time for gratitude. Take a moment to thank your team for devoting their time, energy, and expertise to successfully achieving the meeting objective.

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