Anexinet Unveils New Business Intelligence Platform

New Offering Uncovers Tremendous Insight from All Customer Channel Engagement Methods
Philadelphia, PA–March 21, 2017–Anexinet Corporation, a leading provider of digital, analytics and hybrid IT solutions, today announced its ListenLogic Omni-Channel Analytics platform. The new offering allows enterprise organizations to capture and analyze customer intelligence through various data sources such as call center recordings, email, chat, text and CRM information, and correlates it to unlock behavioral patterns that reveal a deeper understanding of customer experiences while improving retention rates and helping solve operational challenges.
Omni-Channel Analytics is the evolution of Anexinet’s ListenLogic offering – a social media analytics and insights solution for Fortune 500 enterprises that has led the industry gaining insight from unstructured data. The company has expanded ListenLogic’s analytics capabilities to now encompass a ubiquitous, omni-channel approach that reaches into seemingly irrelevant and isolated datasets to reveal specific purchasing patterns and associated details through vivid, graphical dashboard displays.
“Gaining business intelligence through analytics has always been critically important to understanding customer experiences at the strategic and tactical level,” said Brad Hokamp, CEO, Anexinet. “We have taken this approach one step further and developed Omni-Channel Analytics with machine learning techniques, to become a crucial tool for understanding how to engage with customers, predict the likelihood of future purchases, and formulate a better approach to product development and service and support.”
Omni-Channel Analytics is a true, customer-centric approach that brings deeper insight into interactions, promoting an elevated competitive advantage. Additional benefits include:

  • Reduce call center operational costs by 20%+.
  • Improve customer experience, NPS (Net Promoter Score) by 15-20%.
  • Mitigate operational risk through early awareness of risk issues such as fraud, legal action, or product quality issues.

For more details on the new Omni-Channel Analytics offering, please contact Jack Dodds at, (484) 534-3733, or view our YouTube video: Watch Demo
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