Apple’s iPad the Corporate Standard

It’s a little strange to think of anything from Apple as a corporate standard.  Up until very recently, this would not have been the case.  But with the iPhone now surpassing blackberrys within the enterprise, and iPad overwhelming winning the tablet war, Apple has definitely made its way onto the corporate stage.

There was a nice article today in InfoWorld by Galen Gruman about the consumerization of IT and how this has propelled Apple within corporations oftentimes against the will of IT.  The rightly states:

It was users — executives, marketing pros, salespeople, even some IT pros, and others who valued connectivity and lightweight computing — that brought first the iPhone, then the iPad into business…. IT resisted, but there are more users than IT people, and when the folks in the field and the folks with manager titles decide to adopt a technology, it gets adopted.

That’s pretty much what we are seeing at Propelics.  Galen, near the end of his piece writes that:

I’m convinced IT will get over it.

We’re definitely noticing that.  We are speaking to IT folks every day who are trying to embrace iOS as a standard.  They are trying to figure out how to move away from Blackberry only to Blackberry + Apple.  We are seeing quite an uptick in folks looking for an Apple strategy.  We recently released an offer to help both business and IT get moving with their Mobile Strategy in 1-week.  It’s called the Mobile App Roadmap Kickstart.

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