Buffer Overflow 40: Top Trends and Predictions for 2018 [REPOST]

Show Notes
Buffer Overflow: Top Trends and Predictions for 2018
Episode 40
Private Cloud, Cybercrime, Kubernetes, and more!
Ned Bellavance, Director of Cloud Solutions
Chris Hayner, Architect for Infrastructure Solutions

  • Enterprise applications will be packaged for Kubernetes
  • Docker will slide into irrelevance
  • AWS will buy Nutanix
  • Dell will buy Cloudistics
  • Cybercrime will outdo itself from 2017
  • Everything we predicted last year will continue
  • Cloud Business Analyst and HCI Admin will be new job titles
  • Bitcoin will finish 2018 at about $500

Lightning Round

Music Credits
Intro: Jason Shaw – Tech Talk
Outro: Jason Shaw – Feels Good 2 B

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