Buffer Overflow: Go Run Windows XP Unpatched on the Internet

Show Notes
Episode 14: 5/22/2017
WannaCry, Google IO, Microsoft Build, and IBM Cancels Work from Home
Ned Bellavance, Enterprise Architect for Infrastructure Solutions
Chris Hayner, Architect for Infrastructure Solutions
Main Stories
Dresden Dolls

Google I/O 2017

Microsoft Build 2017

IBM Cancelling Work from Home

Lightning Round

  1. MP3s patents
  2. Ubuntu oopsie-whoopsie
  3. Google Daydream a nightmare?
  4. Facebook delays original video content
  5. VMware Horizon on Azure
  6. Microsoft Azure datacenters in Africa
  7. Windows 10 S won’t run Chrome
  8. Windows 10 ignores privacy settings

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Music Credits:
Intro: Jason Shaw – Tech Talk
Outro: Jason Shaw – Feels Good 2 B

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