Buffer Overflow: Latke Tuesdays with Carolyn

Episode 11: 4/10/2017


Ned Bellavance, Enterprise Architect for Infrastructure Solutions



Chris Hayner, Architect for Infrastructure Solutions


Carolyn Carganilla, Network Administrator




Ubuntu abandons Unity

·        Grousing

·        Blackjack and Women of the Night

·        Markov Chain


Google Pay Gender Gap

·        Follow up from Google

·        Latest AnexiPod


Yahoo! And AOL become Oath

·        Age by email domain

·        People using AOL Dial-up

·        Toner Pirates

·        Drunken Animals

·        Google Ad Revenue


Apple refuses to be intimidated

·        Ransonware is Big Business

·        Toto - Africa

·        Spaceballs - 12345

·        Ricky Martin - She Bangs

·        Rainbow Table


VMware Sells vCloud Air to OVH

·        Code Red Mountain Dew

·        Equinix Cross Connect

·        Cliqr part of Cisco Cloud ….

·        Terraform



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Intro: Jason Shaw - Tech Talk

Outro: Jason Shaw – Feels Good 2 B