Buffer Overflow: The Lorenzo Lamas Curve

Show Notes

Buffer Overflow: The Lorenzo Lamas Curve

Episode 16: 6/19/2017

Windows Server Cadence, Apple Employee Data Theft, Ms. Pacman Perfect Score, Chinese Quantum Entanglement



Ned Bellavance, Enterprise Architect for Infrastructure Solutions



Chris Hayner, Architect for Infrastructure Solutions


Main Stories


Updated Windows Server Cadence

  1. Amazon Buys Whole Foods
  2. Amazon file a patent dipped in irony
  3. Irony bites Amazon back
  4. Seven Choices for Ubuntu on Dell
  5. CenturyLink is "Helping"
  6. Safer Driving in Texas
  7. Debian announces Stretch
  8. One-Touch Make-Ready
  9. US getting serious about Supercomputing?