Case Study: Making The Mobile Experience Frictionless

The Company Saves Money On Each Reservation

One way that enterprises boost employee moral is by making an investment in top-notch benefits. IT professionals are sometimes tasked with creating technology-based solutions to make it easier for workers to access benefits on their mobile devices. When a leading childcare benefits provider wanted to make it easier for users to request service, it decided to construct a new mobile app.

The Need To Expand Back-Up Care Accessibility For Employees

Bright Horizons back-up care is an employer-sponsored benefit that is typically offered by large businesses, including many Fortune 500 companies. Workers typically rely on it as a safety net during urgent situations — school is suddenly closed, a nanny is sick, the stay-at-home spouse has an appointment — so that the employee can access childcare services in order to get to work. Employees make a reservation for back-up care at one of thousands of Bright Horizons’ centers around the country or for in-home care. In most cases, companies are better off paying for childcare so that the employees can come to work fully engaged.

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