Case Study: Making The Mobile Experience Frictionless

Bright Horizons back-up care is an employer-sponsored benefit that is typically offered by large businesses, including many Fortune 500 companies. Workers typically rely on it as a safety net during urgent situations — school is suddenly closed, a nanny is sick, the stay-at-home spouse has an appointment — so that the employee can access childcare services in order to get to work. Employees make a reservation for back-up care at one of thousands of Bright Horizons’ centers around the country or for in-home care. In most cases, companies are better off paying for childcare so that the employees can come to work fully engaged.
It was clear to Bright Horizons that the booking process needed to be more user-friendly. Both a mobile app and an improved website would be instrumental. The goal was to create a mobile app that would be intuitive and easy to use, which most enterprises understand. An organization’s internal customers, their workers, do everything on their personal mobile devices, and they deserve to receive access to employee benefits the same way.
“I’m device agnostic, and I support whatever way a person feels comfortable making a reservation,” Williams said. “We just want to remove that friction — whether it’s calling us, going online, or using the mobile app. We just want to make it as easy as possible for them to get what they need.”
To create the mobile app, Bright Horizons turned to enterprise mobility strategy company, Propelics. Once the original app was built by Propelics, it was plugged into Bright Horizon’s legacy platform before the new platform was created.
Read about the process and business impact at Enterprise Mobility Exchange.

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