Change or Die

Business and technology are constantly changing, if you do not follow suit you will be left in the dust to perish. This is even more obvious today than ever. The rapid change in technology is forcing business to change the way they do and manage their business. Take a look at some major businesses that have been stable for many years.

The auto industry

For years they have been stable, focusing on building gas powered fuel efficient cars. Then Tesla comes in to upset the industry by working towards affordable electric cars. These cars are more efficient, require less maintenance, and have lower carbon footprint than the cars the industry was focusing on. This has started a push for more electric cars across the industry, which is playing catch up to Tesla’s technology. Had the major car manufacturers started to look toward electric cars rather than continuing as is, Tesla might not even be around right now and the major car companies would be leading in this trend instead of following.

Cab Companies

They have had a monopoly in the cities for a long time, because of this they didn’t make many changes to the way they were doing business. In steps Uber and Lyft and they have completely changed the way this industry operates. No longer do you have to call for a cab and wonder where they are, flag a cab from the street in the heat or cold, or even carry cash or a wallet. These companies have made getting a ride so simple that it has hurt this long standing industry, causing protests from cab drivers around the world. Had these companies looked toward the future, they wouldn’t be losing market share today.

Finally, take a look at your business

Are you doing everything you need to do to stay ahead of the curve in your sector or will you be playing catchup like the above examples? Are you using some type of managed service? Managed services is a way of the future for all businesses. It is cost effective, giving your business expert resources without the cost of a full-time employee. This gives you the leg up on competition by lowering cost and increasing productivity. Anexinet Managed Services can help with getting you started into this trend with a wide variety of offerings, keeping your business from falling behind and perishing.

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