Credit Unions and the Wild West of App Development

My Observations from the America’s Credit Union Conference (ACUC)

Last week I had the opportunity to present at the America’s Credit Union Conference in San Diego.  My presentation was focused on the impact of mobility on credit unions.  The conference was very well organized and the session was very well attended. 

Shahab Choudhry at ACUC

From the questions that followed my presentation as well as the many conversations I had with credit union leaders, it is clear that many of these organizations are struggling to figure out the right way to adopt mobile strategies.  In my experience most of the mobility related efforts at financial institutions, especially at credit unions, have been focused on creating customer/member facing apps.  This has resulted in what I consider to be the “Wild West of App Development”. In my presentation I talked about this and other key considerations for credit unions.

Credit Union Magazine in its coverage of the conference published a great summary of my session from the ACUC.  In the article – An App is not a Strategy,  they did a great job of capturing the key considerations for credit unions as they look at their mobile strategies.

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