Data Silos: Now and Forever?

Data management experts share suggestions on why we are still dealing with data silos and how to break them down.

Here’s something most IT and business leaders can agree on: Data silos are bad and should be eradicated. Unfortunately, after decades of criticism and proposed solutions, silos remain stubbornly intact at all too many organizations, impeding the free flow of data and strangling analytics.

Brian Moffo, director of analytics delivery for IT services provider Anexinet, blames inertia, fear and an overzealous focus on organizational readiness for silos’ enduring enterprise presence. “Most silos start out of necessity and have existed for a long period of time,” he observed. Silo managers don’t always understand the advantages of collaboration. “They often throw up walls and boundaries to access the data of those silos because they feel like they are the only ones who can manage it,” Moffo explained.

Read the full article over at Information Week.

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