Dell Partners: High Cost Of Public Cloud Is Causing More Customers To Eye Dell Software-Defined Solutions

Partners attending Dell Technologies World say exorbitant public cloud bills are causing more customers to eye Dell on-premises software-defined solutions.
Dan Smith, vice president of sales at Anexinet, a Blue Bell, Pa.-based Dell EMC and VMware partner, said for many customers public cloud bills can skyrocket out of control. “Public cloud cost is exceeding expectations. We’re seeing that time and time again with customers,” said Smith.
Anexinet provides tools, insights and real-time analytics around monitoring and managing customer cloud infrastructure budgets on a daily basis, Smith said. For example, the solution provider evaluates where the most cost-effective and efficient place is to put applications.
“We’re monitoring and managing their spend because we’ve already seen this occur — six to eight months into a project, that X-Y-Z-budget has more than doubled their monthly bills now,” said Smith. “So many customers have a cloud-first strategy, but it doesn’t mean it’s going to land there – that’s where that hybrid world comes into play.”
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