Disaster Recovery in the Hybrid IT Era

If I am being frank, as enterprise IT has expanded outside the walls of the data center, disaster recovery plans haven’t adapted for the most part. Overwhelmingly there is still a very traditional, bricks and mortar approach to DR. And that approach is deeply rooted in technology and not in the business. We talk to clients that have a storage array with site-to-site replication and that is their DR plan. While that might be a component of it, there’s a lot more to proper DR planning, including people and process.

The first step for building a DR plan for enterprise IT architecture is to understand which workloads and applications are most critical to your business. Most people on the business side will be able to tell you quickly what is the most important application that helps them drive revenue. Likewise, the helpdesk team would be more than happy to let you know which application users will start calling about if it’s down for even a moment.

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