Dr. Chatbot will see you now! AI in Healthcare

Complimentary article from James Hoshor, Senior Mobile Strategist & Client Partner Manager at Propelics. He has over 20 years experience in executive leadership, strategic planning, marketing and business development in information technology. For the past 10 years James has worked with many clients across multiple industries, including financial services, insurance, retail and manufacturing, approach mobile strategically to identify and deliver solutions that result in market differentiating solutions and great user experiences.

What is one key thing all healthcare organizations strive for?

Improved patient experience!
An annual Localytics study revealed the average smartphone user has 30 installed apps but regularly uses fewer than 5. And nearly one in four (23%) stop using an app after opening it just once. What this tells us is businesses must continue to devise and deliver novel approaches to customer engagement.
According to a recent survey by CB Insights, over 550 startups incorporated AI into their solution offerings for 2016. Industries such as healthcare, automotive, security, finance and advertising are allocating portions of their annual budgets for implementing chatbots and AI technologies to achieve key business drivers – improving customer experiences and increasing employee productivity. This is literally a big deal. Some of the largest brands (i.e. Bank of America, Facebook, Starbucks, eBay) are all making significant investments in chatbots and AI technologies.
Before I share what all the hype is about with chatbots in healthcare, lets first make sure we all understand what chatbots are. Simply put, Chatbots are programs a user interacts with via a conversational interface. Instead of clicking buttons to execute the program’s functions, with a chatbot, the user types (or says) a command for the program to execute. I’m sure you’ve already used one of these well-known chatbots: Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple’s Siri.

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