Enterprise Mobility Management:You can’t just anymore.

As enterprise mobility continues to grow and the role mobile technology plays in the everyday lives of employees becomes increasingly normalized, it is more important than ever for companies to ensure they are prepared for the future. What does being prepared mean? In short, Enterprise Mobility Management means we can’t all just anymore.
We have all seen, heard about, or personally experienced the endless malicious attacks on corporations bent on stealing private employee and customer information—social security numbers, birth dates, financial info, etc. Any information that can be sold and/or used to make money (illegally of course) is ‘fair’ game, recklessly destroying a company’s brand and even hurting users personally (e.g. damaging credit ratings, reputations, etc.) in the process.
Unfortunately, when it comes to protecting corporate and customer information most companies barely pull their weight. Install some software, add some hardware, implement a few policies and voila! Let’s call it done and check the box! Obviously this isn’t enough. Don’t believe me? Just ask Target, eBay, JP Morgan Chase, Home Depot, Anthem, Citibank, Sony Pictures, Global Payments, and Ashley Madison! These are big brands with no shortage of IT and financial resources to prevent these attacks. And yet for whatever reason they chose not to.
I’m not saying installing software, adding hardware, and implementing policies is wrong, but no simple fix will keep you magically protected forever. As technology evolves, so do the type and severity of threats and attacks. Protecting corporate and customer information is a full-time job. One that requires resources dedicated solely to monitoring, managing, updating and protecting information around the clock. The growth of mobile in the workforce has only provided more opportunities for criminals to access and steal critical and confidential data.
Companies able to prevent these types of attacks and breaches are successful because they incorporated the following protection measures:

  • Establish a Governance Organization and Plan responsible for ensuring the right resources, policies, and continuous actionable steps and enforcement are in place to assist in fighting off malicious attacks.
  • Know your technology maturity level and identify potential gaps. IT have a lot on their plates and are busy supporting steady state. However, it is vital that IT regularly (at least once a year) assess the key areas that aid in protecting company information. This includes mobile device and application management, network and security infrastructure, application delivery methods and processes, policy definition and governance, and enterprise systems integration. As technology evolves, so should the focus on ensuring the proper tools, processes and resources are in place.
  • Be sure to utilize all the features and benefits of the MDM solutions you choose to implement. Clients most often receive low maturity scores for reactively rushing to implement a MDM and/or MAM solution in response to market threats but only implementing the minimum features or configurations. This is followed-up with little or no attention paid to monitoring and managing the MDM/MAM tools. If you’re unsure how (or what) to implement with your MDM or MAM solution to enjoy all the benefits available, give Propelics a call or check out our IT Strategy for Mobile Kickstart.

The mobile enterprise poses significant new organizational challenges in terms of skills, competencies, tools, standards, methodologies, change management and IT processes. Propelics IT Strategy for Mobile Kickstart will assess your readiness and identify how IT should adapt to embrace these challenges.
As part of the Kickstart we score your current state of maturity and provide a prioritized, phased plan to close any existing gaps, along with a Mobile Roadmap to get you going. These guides ensure IT has the tools, processes, controls and talents for building and supporting a thriving mobile strategy moving forward.

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