Episode 91: 2019 Predictions Show

Show Notes
Buffer Overflow: 2019 Predictions Show
Episode 91
Amazon will buy things, Peak datacenter , and Google Play Crapware

Ned Bellavance, Director of Cloud Solutions

Chris Hayner, Delivery Manager

Kimberly DeFilippi, Project Manager, Business Analyst

Brenda Heisler, Resource Coordinator

Longer Topics
Ned’s Predictions

  • Amazon is going to jump into the Autonomous Vehicle game
  • AWS will also continue to completely ignore Quantum
  • Docker will be purchased by Microsoft
  • WebAssembly will take over the world
  • Oracle Cloud will slide into further insignificance with shrinking market share
  • Apple will earn back all the ground it lost in the stock market
  • Google will finally release a Pixel watch and Pixel Buds 3 (totally wireless)

Chris’ Predictions

  • We have reached peak (onsite) Datacenter
  • Social crap will be crappery
    • Facebook will suffer some material changes
    • Cheryl is out, Brad Smith is in?
    • More aggressive and less effective marketing will become the norm
  • Serious penalties for loss of data and Cybercrime? GDPR in America? Yea… no.
  • 5G rollout will not be the monster life changer people think… at least not in 2019

Lightning Round

Music Credits
Intro: Jason Shaw – Tech Talk
Outro: Jason Shaw – Feels Good 2 B

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