Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the big picture?

The Propelics team sees the mobile revolution coming in the enterprise. Propelics is a group of visionary thought leaders that have been involved in making the most of these types of disruptive shifts. It’s a new way of thinking. It’s a new way of interacting with customers.

We work with our customers to develop their mobile strategies and to de-mystify the “how”, ensuring a realizable path to achieving their strategy.

What do you know about Enterprise processes and software?

From front office to back, Marketing Automation, Sales Force Automation, Service Management, ERP, SCM, and everything in between, the Propelics management team has been delivering successful engagements to enterprise organizations for over 15 years. We have the experience to overcome the challenges in delivering enterprise software: business readiness, data integration, change management in addition to the technical hurdles that come along with large scale initiatives. We have delivered engagements to the mid-market up to the Fortune 10, comprising of teams from 1-2 to 50-100. Our team knows how to deliver successful business and technology projects to your organization.

And what do you know about mobile applications?

For the past 7 years, we’ve been working with mobile applications in the enterprise. Including building applications for handheld devices that serve field service, sales professionals and the factory floor. As the technology has matured, so has our approach; building applications for modern smartphones that allow customers a new channel for interaction with the organization.

What is your vision for Mobile in the Enterprise?

Propelics believes that the mobile revolution began with the iPad. The iPad represents the cross-roads of enterprise solutions and mobile, but it’s much more than that. Propelics is not working to deliver your current applications on mobile devices – we’re looking to reinvent how organizations interact with customers. We feel that the mobile devices like the iPad present a unique opportunity for organizations to deliver a 360º view of the customer to the device – allowing a service or sales professional to work interactively with a customer and have all company and appropriate customer information at their fingertips. We believe that mobile demands a new way of organizing information, breaking down the silos of housed information and presenting a unified view of the customer relationship in a device that spurs interaction.

We feel that companies everywhere are looking for ways to utilize this new medium to increase sales and increase the customer experience.

Why should we trust your vision?

Based on you finding and reading this, we’re guessing you have a similar vision as we do. We’re seeing success in our clients, and from those initial successes, a large variety of opportunities where the “norm” is being thrown out. We’re speaking with companies who want to have a more interactive relationship with their customers and finding opportunities to throw away the glossy handouts and PowerPoint presentations for iPad applications that foster the customer relationship. Contact us and hear more. We’re confident that we’re the right team to help your organization build a similar vision.

What kind of applications have you built and delivered to customers?

Propelics has delivered an application to assist sales team members perform real-time product information, demonstration and configuration with clients, an application for a remote field services team to display part information and update service requests, and many others.

Do you sell your applications on the Apple AppStore™?

Occasionally. Typically, our applications are built for use by our clients within their corporate infrastructure. Our applications are delivered to only phone and tablet devices that are authorized to run the software. Because of that, our applications are on our clients’ personal AppStore™.

What can you do for my company?

Propelics can help your organization identify and prioritize opportunities by using mobile to increase revenue, increase the customer experience, and hopefully reduce cost. We can help you lay out a strategy – identifying processes that make sense to be delivered by a tablet or smartphone device. Whether that application is for internal use, for your customers to use, or an application that is a collaborative environment for both parties to interact, the Propelics team will ensure that you have a viable, tested strategy to reach those goals.

What industries do you work in?

The Propelics team has worked in most vertical industries, but carries significant experience in banking and financial services, retail, insurance, manufacturing, automotive, and telecommunications.

Can I see some sample output from your strategy workshops?

Absolutely. Contact us and we’ll explain more about our process and share some sample deliverables with you.

Who are you?

Read about us on our About page.

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