Getting ready for iOS 12

Apple’s iOS 12 will soon be upon us, so it’s time to start preparing your apps for the launch. This latest iOS brings a handful of new features to the table as well as a massive upgrade in-app stability and performance. Let’s take a brief look at what’s new:

Machine Learning

A new version of Core ML is coming to iOS, and it’s bigger and better than ever! Core ML now contains support for standard machine learning models, as well as for natural language processing and computer vision modules. These modules are extremely powerful on their own, including support for things like barcode scanning, text detection, face tracking, and many more. Core ML even contains ready-to-use models and integration into Swift Playgrounds to speed-up your machine learning development process.

Siri Shortcuts

Want to make it quick and easy for users to complete a task by making it available right from the lock screen? Would users like to use your app via Siri? A new iOS 12 API called “Shortcuts” now makes these features available to developers. When updating your apps for iOS 12, you should definitely take advantage of this API. Shortcuts enhance your application in a number of ways. First, let’s say your application reserves conference rooms. Add a Shortcut to handle the reservation! Or, let’s say you built a company-directory app. A Shortcut would let users query the directory right from Siri! In short, Shortcuts improve your app’s UX in a myriad of ways.

ARKit 2

iOS is currently the biggest Augmented Reality platform—and ARKit is a huge part of it. By providing a platform to ease development, Apple has created an explosion of new app ideas that would have been unthinkable just a couple years ago. But now, ARKit 2 ups the game massively for developers by offering tons of new features, the biggest of which is shared experiences. Now you can collaborate in real time using AR! This is hugely exciting for the future of AR, and will once again transform how we think about user interaction with mobile devices.
This new iOS is right around the corner. Performance is greatly improved on all devices, and a bunch of new features are available for developers to build upon. Between Core ML, Siri Shortcuts and ARKit 2, there should be something new for everyone. For help building your next mobile app or updating your existing iOS App, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Mobile Development team at Anexinet.

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