How to Avoid Cloud Sticker Shock

Without planning and oversight, you could not only miss out on cloud savings but also get some surprise bills. Consider these five preventative tips

In many cases, runaway cloud bills happen because there are few (or no) rules in place to prevent them – no guardrails to save a developer from accidentally leaving a slew of machines running non-stop over the weekend, for example, running up your cloud spend in the process.
Putting at least basic governance in place is a smart starting point before any move to a public cloud environment, according to Ned Bellavance, director of cloud solutions at Anexinet.
This includes determining a structure and rules for how teams consume resources, access accounts and subscriptions, and more. (Consider the perspective that “shadow IT” is simply a fancy way of saying “we didn’t put enough rules in place governing our cloud usage” as additional food for thought.)
The importance of governance grows as your cloud footprint expands to multiple services and platforms. Cloud sprawl, which almost invariably drives up spending, is a key challenge in multi-cloud environments, but one that can be mitigated with proper governance and accountability.
“Having a cohesive plan around governance before doing a mass cloud adoption can save thousands or more in the long run,” Bellavance says.
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