HTML5 vs. Native vs. Hybrid

There’s a tremendous amount of debate on the subject of how to architect mobile apps. The question of how to decide between HTML5, hybrid or native app development is one of the most frequent we receive from our clients and prospects. How do we answer this HTML5 vs. Native vs. Hybrid question?

We held a webinar last week with special guest Richard Dutra from our partner iTexico called HTML5 vs. Native Apps: Demystyfying the Decision Making Process. Click the link to view the webinar recording and download the slides.

This was by far our most well attended webinar. Obviously this is a subject that IT groups around the world are grappling with.

The news media isn’t making this an easy question to answer. A quick web search will reveal hundreds of articles and blog posts that make a determination one way or another.

Three that caught my eye in preparing for the webinar are:

  1. This declaration for native: The mobile war is over and the app has won based on a study released by Flurry that 80% of mobile time is spent in apps.
  2. Gartner predicts that by 2016, more than 50% of mobile app deployed will be Hybrid.
  3. CIOs prefer HTML5 over native according to this piece last week in ReadWrite Mobile.
Pros and Cons of HTML5
Pros and Cons of HTML5

So, which is it? Our advice: you don’t have to pick just one. Let the mobile use case drive the decision.

We believe that there is no one size fits all solution. HTML5 may make perfect sense for one use case, but not be a fit at all for another. In addition, we’ve often seen scenarios where the optimal solution calls for both a native and html5 app release.

Our second piece of advice: Avoid making the decision on how to write your app on the fly. And, avoid re—litigating the decision every time you have a new app idea. We are seeing this too often. There’s a simple solution. Devise and disseminate standards to facilitate the decision.

To look at the pros and cons of HTML5 vs. Hybrid vs. Native, and to see some use cases where each option makes sense, view our HTML5 vs. Native Apps webinar and download the slides.


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