Infographic: Enterprise iPad Adoption Value Gap

Infographic: Enterprise iPad Adoption Value Gap

My blog today is based on observations from discussions with enterprise iPad adopters and summarized by the infographic below.  I drew this graphic some time back on the back of a napkin and later on turned it into the more legible version that you see below.  As I started to use this for presentation purposes, the graphic and the concepts it depicts was labeled The Law of Threes – the Enterprise iPad Adoption Value Gap.

Real value within the enterprise has proven to be lower than anticipated value, due in part to the constraints of the challenges of unanswered IT questions and usage patterns.

We believe the value gap will be closed, and any early disillusionment dispelled when a second wave of adoption leads to extensive innovation and transformative business changes. We believe this second wave will be a tsunami born of true visionary thinking, yet grounded in the core tenet that truly great ideas are not only “cool” but also based on a sound business case.

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