Insurance Industry Mobile Maturity Checkup (Part III)

Welcome to Part 3 of the Insurance Industry Mobile Maturity Checkup. In this checkup, we discuss the importance of understanding your organization’s Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) maturity level.
As the growth of enterprise mobile continues to expand and organizations find novel ways to improve operational efficiencies, companies must also reexamine the methods by which they provide access to corporate applications and data. Allowing internal and external users to access company applications and data impacts more than IT. There are legal, compliance, and governance implications, too.
Before moving forward, it is imperative to identify any potential enterprise mobility management gaps. Just ask the executives at Target, eBay, JP Morgan Chase, Home Depot, Anthem, Citibank, Sony Pictures, and Global Payments. The frequency of malicious attacks on corporations aimed at stealing private information (social security numbers, birthdates, financial information, etc.) is only going to escalate in future months.
Unfortunately, in our experience many companies still aren’t working hard enough to protect corporate and customer info. And as technology evolves, so shall the type and severity of threats and attacks. While encouraging to see, the growth of mobile adoption in the workforce will only provide more opportunities for hackers to access and steal critical/confidential data.
In previous mobile maturity checkups we discussed the key components of your Enterprise Mobile Strategy and the importance of knowing your target users and the use cases for mobile across the enterprise. Once you have developed your enterprise mobile strategy and roadmap, it’s time to make sure your organization can successfully—and securely—deliver the right contextual data to users the moment they need it.
To better understand your organization’s EMM maturity level and potential gaps, we recommend the following:

  1. Perform a comprehensive risk profile analysis of current and envisioned mobile use cases. You need to understand what type of data assets (e.g. PHI, PII, company financials, customer information, etc.) are being accessed and/or shared via your mobile solutions and identify the risk profile associated with each use case (e.g. impacts brand perception, profit loss, market share, etc.).
  2. Review the current support and security policies and procedures of your mobile infrastructure. Naturally, these standards vary from organization to organization, so it’s important to understand and define your target mobile users (leadership, employees, customers, partners, etc.). There is no one right answer. But knowing who will be accessing your data, how they’ll be accessing it (smartphone, tablet, wearable, secure network access, public WiFi, etc.), what type of data (financials, customer information, product specs, pricing) they’ll be accessing, and where they’ll be requesting access will help identify any MDM/MAM, legal, compliance, governance, or network & security gaps.
  3. Once you’ve identified and defined the information outlined above, the next step is to develop a road map and actionable plan detailing the projects and tactics necessary to improve your EMM maturity.
  4. Lastly, establish a governance plan to ensure the right resources, policies, enforcement, and actionable steps are in place to support enterprise mobility management in the short and long-term.

No matter who owns the mobile devices—the company or the employees—the integrity of corporate and client data must be maintained. With the continuous growth and adoption of mobile in the enterprise, organizations are faced with new challenges around legal and compliance, acceptable use, governance, network and security, and device and application management.
Propelics’ Enterprise Mobility Management Strategy Kickstart (coming soon) will help your organization support the increasing growth of enterprise mobile while ensuring your corporate and customer data is always well protected. Be sure to watch for it in the near future.

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