iPad: Driving the Consumerization of IT

No big surprise, as had been forecasted, the iPad is very quickly making inroads into the enterprise.  What has been a surprise though is how this change is challenging corporate policies and driving the consumerization of IT.  It is important to understand how the iPad is being adopted by enterprise customers. While some companies have started to embrace this challenge by including it in their IT spend, other companies are being forced into adopting it by way of the users buying the devices and expecting IT to allow them to access corporate data and services.  It is this latter scenario that is catching the CIO off guard. As the number of users that are demanding this type of access grows, the CIOs are no longer able to just say no.  Similar to the introduction of Cloud based applications being purchased by the business community, it is another challenge for CIO to reign in the user base.

An article in SMART Enterprise this month Empower the ME Enterprise discusses this challenge with some interesting twists.  It points to the challenges but also talks about the huge opportunity to leverage this new disruptive way of doing business.

With conservative estimates of tablet adoption being forecasted at year over year compounded growth of 90+%, CIOs will need to figure out how to deal with these challenges very quickly.  At Propelics we believe that getting ahead of the curve early on will serve as a strategic advantage.  We also believe that IT has not yet seen the true advantages that the iPad can bring to the enterprise.  As the tablet introduces additional use cases to the enterprise, the data and access demands will grow even further, putting even bigger demands on the CIO.

The time to start putting together a game plan is now.  As the SMART Enterprise article points out, this is an opportunity for the CIO to shine.


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