Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook Client Benefits

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is easy, reliable, and the best way to manage customer information in all different functions such as Marketing, Sales and Services. Integrating your Microsoft Outlook account with Microsoft Dynamics CRM can greatly improve your work and all types of activities.
Microsoft Dynamics for Outlook client will help you increase customer service by allowing you to track all types of activities (Emails, Appointments, Tasks & Contacts).

Tracking creates an equivalent record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and it will allow users to define the parent (regarding) record within CRM with the “Set Regarding” option.

Users will find navigation quick and easy because users are familiar with the Outlook interface and because of that integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, users will able to see MS CRM online areas as folders on Navigation Pane and it will give you a variety of Dynamics CRM functions.

Here are many benefits of Dynamics CRM for Outlook clients:

  • The ability to view all the data from Outlook and MS CRM such as emails, appointments, contacts and CRM client related information in one location.
  • Full dynamics CRM functionally is available in the outlook client with the addition of extra features and functions.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM uses the cloud to store data, making it easy for your business to grow, and to support users who are working off-site.
  • Users can access data at any time, from any location, using your mobile, desktop or laptop, making information readily and steadily available.
  • Both Dynamics CRM and Outlook data can be easily filtered, sorted and converted in dashboards views and charts.
  • Users can create contacts, accounts & leads directly from Outlook inbox and easily convert mail into a case or opportunity.
  • Editing a Dynamics CRM contacts updates the Outlook contacts the next time Microsoft CRM & Outlook sync so that the user does not have to update each one individually. Dynamics CRM for Outlook client provides to refresh data in Microsoft Office Excel directly from CRM.

These are just a few of the many benefits of the successful integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM & Outlook. The overall idea being the all of the information for contacts, accounts, opportunity, leads and all types of activity can accessible, manageable and editable easily from one spot.
You can download Dynamics CRM for Outlook client from this link:
Or you can download from your Dynamics CRM online:

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