Office 365 Adoption Content Pack for Power BI – Managing your Application Portfolio

Microsoft has recently introduced a preview of the Office 365 Adoption Content Pack in Power BI. The adoption pack is an enhancement over the existing usage reports which provide insights into several of the flagship applications made available in Office 365, namely Exchange, Skype, OneDrive, Yammer and SharePoint. It provides users with the ability to drill down into the data to get more meaningful information regarding the usage in the organization.

CIOs in particular should take interest in the Adoption Content Pack as it allows them to make strategic decisions to help improve the adoption rate of these tools which will in effect maximize ROI. Smaller organizations can drill into their report and see which applications are being used more than others to help determine if there needs to be an emphasis on certain tools. If you drill into the report and find that a particular department’s usage is lagging far behind, you can reach out to that department and find out if the tool isn’t meeting their needs or if it’s a training issue. Larger organizations that spread across various regions can drill into the reports to find usage trends by location. There are also various reports that show how the applications are being used. Whether your organization is large or small, these reports help you determine where your issues are so that you can address them appropriately.

The Adoption Content Pack currently doesn’t provide insight into many of the other Office 365 apps; however, it does give us the ability to get meaningful usage information around several of the apps that prompt organizations to move to Office 365 in the first place. Insight into the full suite of apps would allow CIOs to not only identify areas where adoption could be improved, but it will allow them to identify which apps could be turned off in cases where there is very little to no usage. Until that happens, this is a very good starting point that provides us with actionable data.

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Jason Rivera
Jason Rivera SharePoint/Office 365 Architect

Jason Rivera is an Architect for Anexinet’s Digital & Analytics Services business unit. Specializing in SharePoint and Office 365 Solution Architecture, he plans and implements tailored solutions that enhance communication, productivity, and collaboration. Jason has over a decade of experience designing and implementing SharePoint business solutions that integrate with line of business systems to achieve each customer’s unique goals.