Propelics Partner Featured @ Axway Spark 2016

Check out this video from Spark—Axway’s first annual live-streaming and on-demand conference. Propelics Partner Adam Bookman took part in a panel discussion about enabling the employee component when it comes to an enterprise mobile strategy and about how we go from mobile apps to what’s next:


“The real gains, at the top of the curve, are when you can create true innovation. When you can really improve the customer experience, not only by providing a better experience for customers, but also by providing a better experience for your employees to interact with your customers, for your suppliers to interact with you and your customers, for your distributors, your partners. What we help companies do is identify where to start in the journey. What will provide the biggest bang for the buck? What needles do we want to move as an organization? What are our business goals? And how can use mobile and digital to really help accelerate those goals – to help shorten sales cycles, to increase revenue, to create more efficiencies. Digital and mobile provide an amazing opportunity to reimagine processes, to take things that could never have been done before and allow them to be done in a beautiful, seamless manner and improve the way that everyone experiences their jobs and their relationships with their employer and their customers.”

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