Propelics has a podcast — Device Squad!

Hosted by Sr. Mobile Strategist Steven Brykman, Propelics new podcast, Device Squad, just launched in February and covers all aspects of Enterprise Mobility, including strategy, development, design, testing and more. Device Squad fights crimes against Enterprise Mobility worldwide! Bad UI, frustrating user experiences, poorly conceived mobile strategies. We defeat them all!

Here’s what we’ve covered so far:

Episode 4: Microsoft buys Xamarin! A Roundtable Discussion
The Propelics team discusses Microsoft’s recent purchase of Xamarin, giving MS the end-to-end tools to let developers build Windows, iOS, and Android mobile apps, all from the same code base. What affect will this new development have on Enterprise Mobility?
Episode 3: The Briefest Moments Mean So Much: Enterprise Wearables with Sr. Mobile Strategist Glenn Gruber
We talk about the Glance Conference, the Apple Watch, and the state of Enterprise wearables in general. Plus a little bit about Star Trek as well as the role screen size plays in all this. Does it matter? And if so, how? Tune in to find out.
Episode 2: Apple Stands Firm Against US Government, Refuses to Crack San Bernardino Killer’s iPhone — A Roundtable Discussion
Apple is thus far rejecting a judge’s order to help the FBI hack into the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino shooters, calling the action “an overreach by the U.S. government.”
The question is: if Apple can be ordered to install something on any locked phone what else can they be ordered to install? And what other countries could order Apple to install the same “Master Key”? China? Russia? And once it’s known that Apple possesses this capability, mightn’t it then be misused by anyone (including any foreign government) that knows—or can figure out—how to exploit it?
Episode 1: A Day in the Life with Mobile Strategist Nitin Bhatia
Ironic as it may seem in an age of virtual reality, there is no more efficient, accurate way to design and build an enterprise mobile app that best accommodates real-world usage than through old-school face-to-face Q & A.
Because despite all that mobile can do to simplify and streamline enterprise processes, a great divide still remains between how Corporate assumes its employees are going about their daily tasks versus how work actually gets done.
Mobile Strategist Nitin Bhatia discusses the Propelics approach to contextual observations or “Day-in-A-Life” and how the end result is always an application designed to suit your users’ needs to a T.

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