Ready or Not, it’s Time for Apps

Get ready.  2012 is poised to be the year that apps make a significant entry into the enterprise.  In 2011, we saw companies on the leading edge embracing the iPad and rolling out apps that have both increased productivity and have led to better selling and service.  In many situations, these apps are becoming a competitive advantage for those companies that deploy the right apps.

Ready or Not, it’s Time for Apps

I read a good article today by Ian Thain from Sybase in MobileMarketing.  Thain writes:

Companies that have put off deploying mobile enterprise apps, despite their business benefits, will soon have no excuse.  Those who continue to stay put will one day look up and realize that they are miles behind their competition.

This captures pretty well our thinking at Propelics.

What’s Holding You Back?

Thain mentions the primary concern stalling the growth of enterprise apps is security.  This is a legitimate concern and one that needs to be thought through prior to releasing apps out to the workforce.  There are many angles to the security issue.  We’ve written extensively about this in our blog.  There are a number of mobile device management vendors that provide solutions to reduce device-level security risks.  Even if you go down the MDM vendor route, it is extremely important to have well thought out policies and strict oversight within a governance structure.  In addition to security, IT departments need to have a solid plan around device ownership; they need develop / modify their SDLC to fit the quicker, more iterative pace of mobile app development; and they need to understand the best ways to integrate corporate data into the app.

When people write about the impediments to tablet adoption, the culprit is way more often than not, IT.  IT departments have a long history of being risk adverse when it comes to new technologies.  Who can blame them, as this is their role.  While IT is sometimes too slow adapting to new technologies, I’m not convinced that they are really holding up tablet adoption.  In certain cases they may be, but they are not the only ones struggling with the idea of apps in the enterprise.  Business folks are having their share of trouble as well, defining which apps they should build and finding the correct use cases to support on the tablet.  The definition of the most appropriate use cases for enterprise apps is not a trivial process.  As we have written about extensively, the decision to embrace tablets is an easy one.  Defining what to do with them is not so easy.  In a recent post we talk about iPad Apps for Your Enterprise – 3 Common Pitfalls, my colleague Shahab Choudhry writes about the struggles of defining the “how” when it comes to iPad adoption.

Many of our clients have engaged us to help them work through the “How”.  To define an iPad app roadmap and to get them moving on a realizable path towards enterprise app adoption. Here is a link where you can check out details on our service offering to help companies get moving with their app roadmap.

Don’t Delay Adopting Enterprise Apps

It’s always easy to put off decisions to adopt new technologies.  Moving in uncharted water is challenging. In 2011 we saw companies reaping the benefits of enterprise apps. In 2012, many many more will move in this direction.  Don’t be left off the boat…

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