Reflecting on the Demise of the HP Touchpad

As reports of the demise of the HP Touchpad were coming in, the  blogosphere was coming alive with discussions of which tablet would be next to exit the tablet wars  (TouchPad is the iPad’s First Victim, But Likely Not The Last).  Only yesterday we had all read the news about  the challenging Touchpad sales (Best Buy sitting on a pile of unsold HP tablets) and the speculation about HP’s next move.  It  must have been worse than what was reported and the tablet was pulled so hastily.  Ironically, even as I type this blog post,  they just ran a ad for the Touchpad on TV.

Some related thoughts that went through my mind:

  • I wonder if there is a CIO out there who was convinced that they were going to be the first one to buck the trend and go with the Touchpad.  Dodged a bullet on that one!
  • It further validated the decision that at present the iPad is the only tablet we feel comfortable recommending to our enterprise customers.  We talked about this in our blog post (Why are we sticking with the iPad?) yesterday.
  • Is the PC the next target of the iPad and if so,  will this accelerate iPad adoption in the enterprise.  If the tablet is starting to already infringe  on the domain of the PC (Moving  beyond the PC, iPad in hand), the hope would be that we will not just port  the PC paradigms to this new platform.
  • Hopefully this will finally shift the discussion – away from talking about which device to consider as part of the tablet strategy – to how to best use the iPad in the enterprise.
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