Relay Network And Anexinet Partner To Enhance Mobile Communications Platform

Collaborative IT Teams Enhance Application to Dynamically Adjust Content

Philadelphia, PA February 14, 2019 Anexinet Corporation, a leading provider of digital business solutions, today announced Relay Network (Relay) has selected Anexinet’s services to help enhance its CX Builder™ with a new, intuitive interface as well as empower Relay’s clients to design and distribute dynamic mobile experiences on their own.

Relay’s CX Builder is an all-in-one platform for enterprise businesses to design and deliver proactive, customized and easy customer experiences at scale. Always seeking to improve its offerings, Relay sought to enhance CX Builder with a new, intuitive interface as well as empower clients to design and distribute dynamic mobile experiences on their ownwithout Relay’s assistance.

Anexinet and Relay worked together to deliver a comprehensive solution architecture, product roadmap, and release plan. The net result: The two companies built a modernized solution using an Agile Development methodology with the architecture comprised of Couch NoSQL and PostgreSQL relational databases, Node.js, Clojure for Services, Angular 2 Front-End, Jenkins DevOps and Selenium Automated Testing.

“It’s a new hyper-personalized way to deliver mobile applications tailored specifically for Relay clients. If our clients want to track customer feedback based on engagement, they can now dynamically adjust the content by immediately pushing out application updates,” said Steve Higgins, Chief Innovation Officer, Relay Network.

The partnership accomplished the goal of enhancing CX Builder with:

  • A modern infrastructure and a beautiful front-end application.
  • A self-service builder wizard, allowing users to create and deliver personalized mobile experiences at scale.
  • A visual canvas that brings that workflow and user experience together as one.

“Working with Relay, Anexinet helped enhance CX Builder to better address content issues by enabling each department responsible for application input to run independently—yet simultaneously—to keep application development moving forward,” said Todd Pittman, Interim CEO and CFO, Anexinet. “We are proud to have worked with such a skilled IT team from Relay to jointly develop this dynamic customer application.”

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Everyone deserves a great digital experience. Anexinet ( customers benefit from our holistic approach—from engaging front-end interactions to dependable back-end solutions, all informed by data-driven insights. Because truly great digital experiences rely on the smooth operation of all interconnected elements: beautiful front-end applications, modern distributed architecture, private/public cloud, Dev/Ops and Agile/SAFE processes, and data-driven insights. We call this the Complete Digital Experience. Some companies focus on application design. Others handle your infrastructure. And then there’s Anexinet.

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