Steve Jobs, 1955 – 2011

Steve Jobs Apple LogoI’ve always felt that my age was really “the age” to grow up with technology. Born in the early 70’s, the age of Commodore, Atari, and of course the Apple IIe, technology seemed to be evolving at the exact speed where I was able to learn and grow with it. I also remember every detail of change over those years; each incremental software upgrade and hardware change.

This history serves me today as an appreciation for technology and the design and effort that it takes to deliver a great product. The marrying of design and technology to produce something incredible – not for the specifications of CPU speed or screen size, but for how it affects your life. Steve taught us to look beyond how something worked, and think about how it made us feel; always innovating through intuitive products, thinking about use, focusing on what’s natural.

Steve’s values through the years were always consistent, regardless of the technology available to deliver them. Look back through Steve’s interviews over the years and you’ll see a visionary that was always looking for ways to push the available technology to fulfill his greater vision. For example, see his comments in the famous 1987 Playboy interview, or his D5 interview with Bill Gates in 2007. Steve knew the purpose of technology isn’t to compare specs – it’s to further our ability to create and live experiences, and share those experiences with the people that are important to us.

And today, October of 2011, we live during this wonderful convergence of design and technology – where the advancements in processing power, power efficiency, and form factor are happening faster than any other point in time in history. It feels today as if we have this incredible opportunity for technology to play a truly meaningful, more intimate role in life. And tomorrow, Steve Jobs won’t be here to lead it forward.

We started Propelics to play a small part in Steve’s vision. We saw the need for a revolution in how people use technology in the workplace and saw how the iPad could play a meaningful role. We’ll continue to work towards our vision, but incredibly saddened that we’re proceeding without him into the unknown.

Title image credit to Jonathan Mak.

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