Tablet Computing Top Business Technology Trend of 2012

It’s December, so that means it must be the time for trends. The time for everyone and their brother to come up with predictions for 2012.  Not surprising to us is that the continued rise of tablet computing in the enterprise is on almost every business technology list for 2012.  The tablet (and iPad in particular) is making swift headway into the business world.  In Q3 of 2011, Good technologies reported that iPads accounted for over 28% of device activations in the enterprise – and the predictions for 2012 continue this trend.

The Predictions

In a recent cover story, Baseline magazine predicts the top 10 trends of 2012, Baseline predicts that the #1 trend for 2012 will be the remarkable growth of tablet Baseline study of top trends of 2012computing in the enterprise.  The article states that “Half of midsize and larger organizations expect to increase their investments in tablets at least moderately – significantly more than any other technology we asked about in our survey”.

Tablet computing also tops the list for Gartner, in their Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2012.  Actually, tablets made it into the top 2 strategic technologies, 1 being Media Tablets and Beyond and 2 Mobile-centric applications and integrations.  Gartner rightly points out that “Enterprises will have to come up with two mobile strategies – one to address the business to employee (B2E) scenario and one to address the business to consumer (B2C) scenario”.  This is one of our focus areas at Propelics and a large part of the strategies we build for our customers.

Not to be outdone, Forrester released The Top 10 Business Technology Trends To Watch: 2012 To 2014.  In the report, Forrester polled over 200 IT executives to see what areas they expect to change most between now and 2014.  “It should come as no surprise that mobile apps and application platforms were ranked number two and three respectively, with high ranks for expected change and increased value.  Thirty-six percent of respondents see mobile apps for smartphones and tablets as a top changer and 32 percent believe mobile apps will deliver the most business value”.

The Aftermath

If these predictions hold true, and they probably will, the question to ask is: Are businesses ready for the onslaught of tablets? Do they know how they are going to use them?  Many organizations are preparing to, or have already launched consumer apps.  These are apps found on the AppStore(TM) that consumers use to find info about or interact with companies on their personal devices.[quote_right]If these predictions hold true, and they probably will, the question to ask is: Are businesses ready for the onslaught of tablets?[/quote_right] These are table stakes apps that soon, most enterprises will have deployed.  If you don’t have yours yet, we recommend getting started.  Propelics can help.  Check out our Mobile App Development Offering.

Much higher on the value chain of iPad app development are apps created for the use of company employees to interact better with their customers.  There are a few companies that are on the leading edge of this type of app strategy and creation, but most are just beginning to define their strategy.  To help companies move forward with the optimal use cases for the iPad, we wrote the eBook “How to Realize the True Benefit of the iPad in the Enterprise” that you can download on our website.

Our prediction is that not only will tablet usage (iPads in particular) take off in the Enterprise in 2012, but the use cases that are being enhanced through the tablet will become more sophisticated.  Most companies will release consumer use apps and make them available on the app store, but the smaller set of companies that focus on enterprise apps created for one-on-one customer interaction will achieve the largest competitive advantage.

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