The Death of WebForms?

There are articles professing the death of WebForms all over the web.  These articles are examining the change of a current trend rather than the actual death of a technology. The current trend in new development is MVC ASP.NET because it takes advantage of popular JavaScript libraries, TDD, patterns, less abstraction, and direct control over HTML5. Looking at current statistics, the MVC ASP.NET usage is still lagging behind ASP.NET in accessible websites, but this is changing rapidly.
I was curious to evaluate Visual Studio 2015, so I set up a new Azure VM. I was able to create a new WebForm solution, so the option is still there and supported with new features.
There will always be a need for talent to support WebForms projects, and there does not seem to be any cost justification to re-write an application to incorporate a new pattern. WebForms are not dead or dying, but slowly fading away.

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