The Top 4 Automation Features and Benefits of Hybrid Cloud

Organizations across every industry struggle to keep pace with the evolution of technology in order to maintain a competitive edge and not get left in the dust by others who are better-suited to satisfy customer demand. This performance anxiety is exactly what’s behind the current corporate mass-migration to the cloud—and the agility, convenience, speed, and security cloud-based services and platforms provide. However, a public cloud environment may not be suitable for all of an organization’s needs. Enter: Hybrid Cloud Solutions.

The Hybrid Cloud provides a cloud-based computing environment within an organization that combines public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises applications and services. Fully independent but living under the same umbrella, these separate instances allow unique integrations between private and public services while giving organizations the flexibility to operate seamlessly between them.

Operating in a Hybrid Cloud environment offers several benefits to scaling organizations looking to automate their business processes. Here are four automation benefits the hybrid cloud provides.

1. Consistency and Repeatability

The Hybrid Cloud enables organizations to create consistency and repeatability through automation. An automated process or deployment may be easily repeated across multiple environments. This is especially important when it comes to a hybrid infrastructure—where environments are spread across multiple clouds—as it ensures processes are deployed exactly the same way each time. Meaning, settings and configurations always remain consistent. Note: when implementing automation, it’s critical to find a toolset that works across all your cloud environments.

2. Improved Security Posture

Security measures differ across cloud environments. When a process is automated, the security aspects can be codified into the process, ensuring each environment follows its own suggested best practices. In addition, said automation improves the speed at which administrators can react to new security vulnerabilities.

The Hybrid Cloud also enables the automation of environment configuration, simplifying the task of updating environments. Now, changes required to mitigate security threats can be deployed more rapidly and reduce your security exposure.

3. Lower Costs

Public Cloud costs are almost always consumption-based. Because the Public Cloud is elastic in nature, environment scaling can be powered by an automated process. This could include something as simple as shutting down development environments during off-hours or something more complicated, like dynamically scaling the size of a web farm based on transactions per minute. In both instances, applying automation ensures you’re consuming only what’s required and not overspending on unused capacity.

4. Increased Stability and Resiliency

Hybrid Cloud infrastructure provides additional stability and resiliency through high-availability and disaster recovery. As the typical Hybrid Cloud functions in multiple locations, deploying a standby copy of critical business systems acts as a safety net in the event of a disaster. In a crisis, even well-trained staff struggle to think clearly, so having an automated process perform critical tasks (the process of failing over and/or recovering from an outage) can reduce your recovery time and improve overall stability.

It’s undeniable. Hybrid Cloud automation provides a myriad of key benefits for organizations looking to build and maintain efficient operational processes while getting the most value out of their cloud-based and on-premises business solutions. Leveraging the automation and efficiency of a Hybrid Cloud infrastructure helps your business control its IT spending and resource allotment while creating a more sustainable environment for your growing business needs.

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