The UX of liminal (transient) spaces

In other words, the benefits of waiting.

It’s nothing new. Liminal experiences are already all around us: from a movie poster at the bus stop to a billboard on the highway, to an inspirational quote at the bottom of a company newsletter, to absolutely everything at the airport (except for the planes). We’re already accustomed to seeing stuff in places we don’t necessarily expect to see it. They’ve got TVs in the elevators now, telling us the weather; TVs at the gas pumps, bragging about the specials. They know we’re there. They know we’re bored. And they know we got nothing better to do than stare at our phones or look around at whatever’s hanging on the wall. In short, they got us. We’re a captive audience, albeit briefly.

The point is, taking advantage of people stuck waiting for something by providing them content to keep their minds occupied just plain makes sense. Here, we’ll take a look at some ‘traditional’ digital forms of liminal UX, followed by some interesting new ways HTML5 lets us expand upon the idea. And how AR might take these ideas to an extreme in the relatively near future.

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