The Value Curve for Tablet Banking

As banks begin to utilize tablet banking to reach customers, they should focus on apps that truly bring value to the institution.

My article on this subject appeared in BAI – Banking Strategies on December 6, 2011. Here is an excerpt:

The popularity of the iPad with more than 25 million sold to date, and the likelihood of its longevity (Gartner predicts 149 million sold through 2015) presents both a challenge and an opportunity for the banking industry.

The challenge is that many of those buyers of iPads or other tablet devices are bank employees and customers. Employees will be disappointed if the superior functionality they’ve become used to at home has to be left at the bank door. Customers will be disappointed if their banks lag other companies in making tablet apps available for their convenience and advantage. The opportunity is to move quickly up the tablet “value curve” – that is, to rapidly deliver enterprise apps and other features that can make the tablet a powerful collaborative tool between banker and customer.

In the corporate world, however, tablet adoption is one thing; value is another.

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