Tom Morgan – NHS Human Services Inc.: Innovation is an internal and external affair at NHS

January 22, 2018 – Written by: Matt Sulem  | Produced by: Zachary Brann
“When Morgan was hired by NHS in 2015, he saw room for improvement within the IT department and its support services. Common frustrations included long wait times for fixes, a low response rate and sluggish systems and infrastructure.
As a result, the VP introduced IT CARES, an acronym for compassionate customer service, accurate analytics, reliable on-time services and empowering technology.
Critical to this initiative was the implementation of a productivity platform based on Microsoft Office 365.
It was designed and built by Anexinet, a seasoned provider of digital platforms for intelligence insights, customer engagement and enterprise modernization. The result?
“NHS employees are empowered with robust collaboration, real-time communication and accessibility from any device on a secure, cloud-based platform,” says Tim Malfara, vice president for Anexinet’s hybrid IT and cloud services, who adds Morgan is “laser focused” in his approach.”
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