Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Office 365 Now

Some companies are still holding back on upgrading to Office 365—for a myriad of reasons. Generally speaking, they fail to recognize the value the move would bring. This blog post will put an end to any doubt by demonstrating the magnitude of the value switching to Office 365 will provide your organization.

1. Your company will gain valuable resources and realize hardware cost savings.

Your company will not lose functionality between Office and Office 365, and will gain valuable resources. For example, you’ll get the latest version of Exchange—hosted at Microsoft, not in your datacenter, which could also provide your first step into the cloud. This already means organizational hardware cost savings, since you no longer need to upgrade servers every 2-4 years or buy additional storage for email. Another benefit is Microsoft’s Service Level Agreement, which most companies cannot match no matter how much hardware they throw at their Exchange infrastructure.

2. Your user experience can stay the same, or evolve. It’s up to you.

Outlook will look the same. You can install a local version on your personal system and access email just as you always have. Or you can utilize a web version hosted by Microsoft, giving you access from anywhere with a browser. And like Outlook, other Office products (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote) may also be installed on your local system—just as if you installed them from a disc or downloaded the install file. Administrators can control who may install the product and can utilize a nice portal to see who has which products installed.

As with Outlook, there are web/online only versions of the software, meaning most users can avoid installing the software, altogether. This provides employees access to cloud files or Outlook attachments from any place/device in the world—something you can’t easily get with a regular, local Office install.

3. Costs just might be cheaper than you think.

Let’s talk about cost. Microsoft’s site shows a list price of $439.99 for an Office Classic install. That’s for a one-time install on one PC. No upgrades. And you’re stuck with that version—until you purchase the next version when it comes out in a few years. That’s some sticker shock! For a small to medium company, this could be enough break the bank.

In contrast, Office 365 has a list price of only $12.50 a month1. It would take 35 months before the full purchase even comes close to breaking even. And during that time there might be upgrades you could use. With Office 365, this ability is built-in. Plus, also included at that price are a ton of features available only from Office 365. Here are just a few:

  • 1TB of OneDrive storage per user that is hosted in the cloud
  • Company-wide intranet team site hosted on SharePoint
  • Skype meetings with video
  • Teamwork sites using Microsoft Teams
  • Web version of Office programs

Now, if all this isn’t enough to sway you to switch over to Office 365, it gets better. Here’s a few more tidbits: Office 365 support is 24/7 via web or phone. Support includes software upgrades (all of them), all included with your O365 subscription. This allows you to stop skipping versions just to save money, and ensures your organization is always using the most current and secure version of Office.

Wrapping up.

Hopefully, after reading this, you’ll agree O365 is an easier and better experience then the legacy on-premises model. But if you’d like more info on O365, here are a few more Office 365 blogs written by myself or by fellow Anexinet team members. Finally, Anexinet also offers an Office 365 Migration Kickstart that accelerates your migration by equipping you with a Readiness Assessment, a Proof of Concept, and a Roadmap. And if any of those items don’t cover what you’re looking for, or you’re feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of Office 365, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to help you out.
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1. $12.50/month is based on an annual commitment of Microsoft’s Office 365 Business Premium and is limited to 300 users. Organizations with more than 300 users should consider Microsoft’s enterprise options.

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